The Village at Marbridge

A community built around personal growth and success

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As Marbridge’s most independent community, The Village provides 90 residents the freedom to learn, experience and achieve their life’s goals. Village residents are encouraged to make choices that help them improve their life and skills and build self-esteem. Through the development of their Individual Program Plan (IPP), each resident, along with family members, works with staff to set his/her own goals. Each resulting schedule of training, work and leisure opportunities reflects the resident’s desires and interests.

The Village

Residents who live in The Village independent cottages enjoy a high degree of autonomy, including planning, shopping and cooking their own meals. Yet they still benefit from a highly supervised and safe environment.

Semi-independent living for mentally challenged adults

Fifteen upscale, cottages form a neighborhood on The Village area of the Marbridge campus, providing semi-independent living for mentally challenged adults. This new, inviting neighborhood is one of the nation’s premier communities providing semi-independent living for adults with intellectual disabilities. Residents who live in independent cottages cook their own meals. Others enjoy dining with friends in the spacious community center dining room. Many residents work in the community and utilize public transportation systems to travel to work and for outings with campus friends. A large number of Village residents participate in Special Olympics sports, and all Village residents make proactive choices that challenge and improve their life skills, social skills, leisure and recreation skills as well as their work skills.

Our training program for developmentally challenged residents

Each Village resident enjoys a full schedule of individualized training to support his or her Individualized Program Plan (IPP). Training opportunities may include select life skills classes such as Healthy Eating Choices, or academic skills improvement classes such as Money Math. Life enrichment classes may include swimming, art, choir, drama or equestrian therapy.

Semi-independent living for young adults with disabilities

Kids leaving home for the first time create worry for parents. Will they eat properly? Will they be safe? Will they make friends and be successful? Parents of adults with cognitive challenges worry even more, often putting off the time when the child is allowed to leave their care.

The good news is that young adults with disabilities are much more capable of living away from home than many parents realize. Time and again, we see adult children move from their family home to The Village and begin to develop new skills, new interests and new friends—all to the great surprise and delight of their families.

The semi-independent living for young adults with disabilities provided at The Village, along with a wide range of training opportunities, creates a college-like experience.

The cottage residences at The Village provide an ideal way to allow a loved one with special needs to learn to fly on their own. Village residents live within a safe, supervised environment, yet the training they receive helps them learn to take responsibility for their own lives and attain greater independence than many parents ever believed possible. One of the most common remarks we hear parents make is, “We never would have dreamed they could accomplish so much!”