Training & Education

Making Choices, Making a Plan: Abilities Centered Training

In everything we do at Marbridge, we encourage residents to grow to their maximum potential. The foundation of this philosophy is a Ranch or Village resident's IPP, or Individual Program Plan or the Care Plan for Villa residents. Developed as a collaboration between the resident, staff, and family, the IPP evaluates where a resident is and creates resident-driven goals. Through Ability Centered Training (ACT), including training opportunities, therapy, life skills, recreational activities, and, when possible, employment, the IPP then plots a solid course toward achieving the resident's goals.

Each resident is central in the development of his or her plan's development, and the goals are things that they themselves wish to accomplish, such as getting an off-campus job, losing weight, or learning to cook. Each IPP is unique and is reviewed and modified by the resident, staff, and family at least once a year, more frequently if warranted.

The Individual Program Plan

Upon admission and then annually, a team of care providers and trainers evaluates each resident's abilities in various areas using the ACT Assessment Instrument. Marbridge staff developed this assessment instrument specifically for Marbridge residents, applying advanced academic, educational, and performance-based training concepts. The results of the assessment serve as the foundation for the development of an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for each resident.

Creating the IPP

Staff and family members provide guidance and support, but the resident's involvement in his or her plan is crucial to the overall process. Staff help each resident identify, understand and discuss his or her strengths and opportunities for improvement. The staff then assists the resident in developing specific goals and understanding milestones to be met in a specific time period. The resident’s active participation, endorsement of, and agreement with the IPP goals and objectives are essential concepts of Abilities Centered Training.

Brett reviews his progress on his IPP goals with Resident Trainer Christina.

Putting the IPP to Work

Each resident is assigned a primary resident trainer to track his or her progress against the Individual Program Plan and work with him or her one-on-one to meet goals and overcome challenges. Additionally, multiple staff members are aware of a resident's unique goals and regularly encourage him or her to stay focused and to remember the benefits of achieving individual goals. Pictured above, Brett reviews his progress on his IPP goals with Resident Trainer Christina.