Leisure training promotes good health, increases self-esteem

At the beginning of each training semester, community directors work with the training and education staff to determine the leisure training needs and interests of each resident. They consult the resident’s annual Individual Program Plan (IPP) and then devise a schedule that keeps each resident moving toward the goals expressed in his/her plan. Leisure training is a vital part of the training offered at Marbridge. Whether residents walk, bike, garden or play sports, the general idea is to encourage them to learn to use their leisure time to improve overall health, vitality and enjoyment of life.

Marbridge provides many opportunities for Sports and Exercise Training

Cardio • Fitball • Softball • Equine Therapy • Track & Field • Swimming • Bocce • Bowling • Basketball • Elder Sports • Weight Training • Flag Football • Walking • Yoga • Golf • Shape-Up—Dance for Exercise • Couch to 5K Running Training • Regional and State Special Olympic Participation