The Ranch at Marbridge

Encouragement to make choices in a safe, structured community

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The current buildings that make up The Ranch community have a long, happy history—they were part of the original Marbridge campus. Phase II of our Master Architectural Plan will soon introduce the construction of a new dormitory will all of the modern amenities.

The Ranch

Since moving to Marbridge, John has reached one of his goals. He has learned to read.

Assisted living for mentally challenged adults

Two comfortable dormitories on the Ranch campus provide a safe, supportive environment of assisted living for adults with developmental disabilities and cognitive challenges, allowing them to live a whole new life independent from family, but still under 24-hour supervision. Whether the adult is leaving home for the first time, or has lived in other care settings, Ranch residents find their new life at Marbridge full of training opportunities and fun activities. Staff members work with each resident and their family members to develop an Individual Program Plan (IPP) to meet the resident’s goals and interests. Training schedules may include opportunities ranging from sports and music to developing job skills and mastering functional academics. Some residents aim to achieve on-campus employment. Job opportunities exist in a variety of departments on campus, including laundry, landscaping, dietary or janitorial.

Assisted living for young adults with disabilities

Kids leaving home for the first time create worry for parents. Will they eat properly? Will they be safe? Will they make friends and be successful? Parents of adults with cognitive challenges worry even more, often putting off the time when the child is allowed to leave their care.

The good news is that young adults with disabilities are much more capable of living away from home than many parents realize. Time and again, we see adult children move from their family home to The Ranch and begin to develop new skills, new interests and new friends—all to the great surprise and delight of their families.

The assisted living for young adults with disabilities provided at The Ranch, along with a wide range of training opportunities, creates a college-like experience.

Dormitory living at The Ranch is an ideal way to allow a loved one with special needs to learn to fly on their own. Ranch residents learn within a safe, structured environment, yet they still have the same social and training opportunities provided to all residents. The Ranch offers many advantages for young adults leaving home for the first time, and parents should definitely take a look at what we have to offer.