Life Skills training + Social Skills training = Skills for Life

From tips on grooming, to market math—residents receive a variety of life-skill-based training. Marbridge offers training in shopping, cooking, money management and healthy eating choices and much more. The goal of Life Skills training is to enable residents to reach the highest level of personal independence possible in their daily routines.

Academic Skills Improvement combines reading and math

Combining reading and math into one training session helps residents develop practical skills that enable them to function more independently. The basic concept is to learn to apply reading and math skills to real world situations. So instead of learning addition, subtraction or division as pure skills, residents learn how to apply math skills to shopping situations. Strengthening reading skills helps residents better understand the written communications of everyday life, such as product labels.

Skills for Life training at Marbridge also includes:

  • Women's Health & Hygiene
  • Men's Health & Hygiene
  • Money Management