On Campus Activities & Amenities: There's Always Something Going on at Marbridge

On Campus Activities

While they may choose to take time to sit back and relax, it’s safe to say our residents are never bored. An important component of Marbridge’s Abilities Centered Training (ACT) is helping residents learn how to select and practice effective leisure and recreation activities, both individually and in groups.

Exercise and The Great Outdoors

Each resident's daily schedule includes opportunities for exercise. Residents can enjoy individual and group activities at Marbridge's gymnasium, heated pool, softball field, recreation rooms, walking trails, and horse stables.

Join a Team

Team sports are popular with many residents—combining fun and exercise while teaching the importance of teamwork and developing and practicing leadership and interpersonal skills. Marbridge organizes many teams of various ability levels that permit more than 100 residents to compete in Texas Special Olympics softball, basketball, swimming, golf as well as track and field events. Marbridge’s unified softball team comprised of residents, staff and local community members competes in Special Olympics Texas events as well as an Austin City League.

Individual Special Olympics events include track and field events, bocce, bowling, basketball skills and golf. Participation in Special Olympics activities is a major motivator and morale boost for many Marbridge residents.

Enjoying the Arts

The staff also encourages and assists residents to schedule their own leisure activities. These may range from walking around campus enjoying the beauty of Marbridge’s rural environment, painting or handcrafts in the art studio, reading books chosen during regularly scheduled library visits, or singing in one of the Marbridge choral groups, or playing an instrument in the rhythm band. The leisure and recreation staff, as well as the resident trainers, help each resident find the right blend of work and leisure time.